Healthy food that increases your wieght

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banana chips

I’m following a diet but i’m still putting on weight. How is this even possible?


I bet this is not the first time you said the above phrase yourself or heard it coming out from a friend’s mouth. The reality is often that. We do tend to follow a healthy diet for weeks and months but instead of loosing weight we end up gaining it.

Below we are listing some possible causes which might be affecting your diet plans.


1 : Banana Chips

Although they might sound to be a healthy snack these Banana Chips contain approximately 519 calories per 100g. This is because Banana Chips are sliced up, fried, then coated in sugar. You have to keep in mind that the plain natural banana is the one which needs to be consumed so lower your consumption of Banana Chips or stay completely away from them.


2 : Sports Energy Drinks

If you are on a diet you are most probably doing some sort of physical exercise. As a result you end most often dehydrated and the most marketed way to gain back the energy lost is to drink Sports Drinks. Down a 500ml bottle of a normal Sports Drink and you have drunk 140 calories almost before you even can say “Aaaah”. If you are exercising to try to get and stay in shape, the idea is to burn calories. Having a couple of these sports drinks is defeating the point. Stick with water only to keep hydrated.

3 : Popcorn

There is “myth” which has been going on for quite some time now that Popcorn is somehow a healthy “wholegrain” snack. Keep in mind that the usually popcorn is mixed with either salt or sweeteners which makes a 415 to 548 calories per 100g bag.





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