Top Summer Cocktail Drinks

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Miami Vice Cocktail Drink

Top Summer Cocktail Drinks to beat the heat


It’s about time to look at our top summer cocktails to serve while enjoying the sun, preferably near a pool in which you can dip in and slide down these delicious cocktail drinks.


3 : Mint Julep Cocktail Drink

Although the Mint Julep Cocktail Drink is not only ideal for summer time we decided to list it with our top summer cocktail drinks since it’s one of our favourite drinks during summer. The mint cuts the sharp finish of the whiskey, leaving only a carmely-sweet taste.

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2 : Negroni Cocktail Recipe

The ideal drink to take down while preparing a good bbq outside or cooking a meal. While the normal Negroni Cocktail Recipe is a multi-season treat, adding a bit of tangerine to this mix is ideal for hot fun in the summer time.

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1 : Miami Vice Cocktail Drink

It is said that the mixture of sweet, sour and tart tastes eerily similar to the candy, Smarties. The Miami Vice Cocktail Drink can be prepared by layering both mixed drinks, either side-by-side or on top of each other.

We have tried it and well, we want you to give us your feedback on the taste.

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